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Resources for STM Success

Why Short-Term Mission Trips Work by Seth Barnes, AIM

Another Post Saying STM is a Waste of Time? by Mark Crocker, STMLeader.com

7 Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission

MissionMakr.com A web-based tool to help churches and mission organizations make more out of their short-term mission trips.

Going Prepared by Lee Jacobs & Steve Vereb



To The Jew First
by Ari Sorko-Ram, Moaz Israel Ministries
Kesher Review: “We recommend this book to ANYONE who wants to reach the nations for Christ.”

Going Glocal
by Gene Wood, Stuart Hoffman, Julie Becker
Excerpt: “The synergy of 20 people may actually accomplish more than one person could do in a year.”
Kesher Review: “For all those individuals who are negative about short-term mission trips, Gene provides solid rebuttles in Chapter 13 of this book.”

Rock Your World: How You Can Make a Difference
by Susie Shellenberger
Kesher Review: “This book is more “story-telling” than practical how-to’s and directed towards female teens. We would recommend it as a first step for a youth that is asking questions about getting involved in missions.”

Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot- And Cold-Climate Cultures
by Sarah A. Lanier
Kesher Review: “A quick read book with powerful insights. We recommend this book to everyone, especially those living in a metroplex/urban city in the United States.”

How to Get Ready for Short-Term Missions: The Ultimate Guide for Sponsors, Parents, and THOSE WHO GO!
by Thomas Nelson
Kesher Review: “This book is great for the team member who wants to better prepare themselves for their mission trip. ”

Mission Trip Prep Kit Leader’s Guide
by Kevin Johnson
Kesher Review: “The information is somewhat simplistic as far as the administration of a short-term mission trip; however, the chapters concerning the Team Prep Sessions have good information with great tips. Although geared towards youth teams, the information easily be modified for adult teams.

Ministering Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationships
by Marvin K. Mayers, Sherwood G. Lingenfelter
Kesher Review: “If you can push your way through to the end of this book there is good information in evaluating your own cultural attitudes.”

Building Strategic Relationships: A Practical Guide to Partnering with Non-Western Missions
by Daniel Rickett
Kesher Review: “This is a great resource for anyone interested in partnering with international ministry organizations.”

The Mission Minded Child: Raising a New Generation to Fulfill God’s Purpose
by Ann Dunagan
Kesher Review: “Reading this book would be a tremendous asset for ANYONE, adult & child, interested in global missions. From the refresher course in biblical basis for missions to historical heritage and missionary heroes (past and present) then finishing up with practical applications, the information provided is a comprehensive overview that can be used in any group setting.”

When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting the Poor…and Ourselves
by Brian Fikkert (Author) Steve Corbett (Author) (Foreword)
Kesher Review: “I recommend this should be required reading for all who are doing global missions or participating on a mission trip.”

About Kesher International Missions

Kesher International Missions desires to see individuals realize their potential by being stretched out of their comfort zones and using their skills and talents in an extraordinary way for God! Jill's passion for global outreach started in 1993 after she participated on her first mission trip to Russia where she experienced first-hand the life-changing impact on the people who heard the Gospel, the mission team members and her own life. In just a few years and many trips later, Jill is using her mission skills and knowledge to mentor and train leaders in mobilizing their own teams to share Christ’s love with the nations.


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