About Us

Do you desire more ownership and control over your short-term mission trip?
Could your volunteer leaders use some coaching in the mission trip process?
Need assistance with the logistical details associated with cross-cultural excursion?

KESHER INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS is available to “Help you on your journey wherever you go!” 1 Cor. 16:6

At KESHER INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS, our desire is that you find the right partnership fit. We offer COACHING and SUPPORT customizable to your area of need. We work with YOUR mission goals, skill levels and funds.

Coffee Chat
Let’s talk over coffee (or tea, if you prefer) about your global mission vision and brainstorm on strategic ways we might be able to assist you in reaching your mission trip goals. There’s no obligation to proceed−we just want to hear your Kingdom story! Let’s set up a time to meet or Skype.

Coaching Leaders
Following Jesus’ example in Mark 1:7, we are dedicated to educating the local church and coaching people who desire to be “fishers of men” through effective short-term mission trips. We can provide training for your leaders through on-site workshops, video conferencing and email/phone support. We are familiar with many of the popular short-term mission trip curriculums or can customize coaching materials specific to your church.

Team Preparation
Everyone agrees that a prepared team is an impactful one! We can meet with your mission team to equip them with travel how-to’s, missionary guest etiquette, cross-cultural awareness, safety precautions, spiritual preparation, team building exercises and more! Also, check out our FREE Trip Devotions on this blog site.

Administrative Support
There are many details involved with overseeing a mission trip − more than the church staff has time to accomplish and enough to overwhelm even the best of volunteer leaders. We provide cafeteria-style administrative support so you can select assistance tailored for your immediate mission trip need. We will work with your preferred ministry providers.

Financial Provision
We believe God’s provision is already being prepared for those who accept the call to go and make disciples of the nations. “And Abraham said, ‘My son, God will provide for Himself the lamb (financial resources) for a burnt offering (mission trip).’” (Genesis 22:8 NKJV)

So look beyond today’s economy and provide a quality faith-building experience for your church members! We will work with your budget to help you make this happen.

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